Ange Robert is a writer, composer and a singer of reggae music. Born in 1986 in Byumba, in northeastern Rwanda, he was 12 when he discovered reggae with Lucky Dube’s music. During his childhood, he was inspired by the artist’s message, which influenced his vision of the world and his way of living in respect of others. This is how he later chose to live as a Rastafarian. Being “rasta”, beyond music, is a philosophy of life, values of peace, love and respect of every living being, and a precious message to share. The rhythm and commitment of Lucky Dube’s songs have shaped his youth and oriented his life. At the death of the famous reggae-man in 2007, Ange Robert found himself faced with a void, which he filled by starting to write and compose his own music.

He recorded his first album “Peace and Love” in Rwanda between 2008 and 2009, but did not have time to release it publicly because he moved to France in September 2009. In 2017, he resumed his musical project by composing and recording new pieces. Each song carries a message of peace, love or mutual help. He draws his inspiration at any time : through encounters, discussions, news, and more generally through the entire environment surrounding him. The writing is light, the music is rhythmic and catchy. The melodies are carefully crafted, every detail counts. Ange Robert likes to offer a new form of reggae, mixing other styles and original consonances, while maintaining reggae’s characteristic binary rhythm.